Global Sustainability Space Challenge

Leveraging Space for Sustainable Solutions on Earth

Initiated by
the College of Bussiness and Economics, Qatar University


Organized for Impact in partnership with
Metavisionaries and ICE Cubes Service

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Sustainability Challenges

In a world that is increasingly fast moving, unpredictable and full of opportunities, our global challenge comes with big ambitions - find new, high impact solutions to foster a sustainable future.
The Challenge gives participants the unique opportunity to integrate space in global entrepreneurial solutions and focuses on five broad thematic areas related to one or more of Sustainable Development Goals with an emphasis on measurable impacts.

Why Participate?

Unique value proposition for humankind

Innovative solutions to pressing sustainability challenges

Impactful sustainable practices and start-ups developed

Mentorship from world renowned experts

Global, multicultural and multidisciplinary teams

Space and metaverse environment


Countries Represented

Sustainability Challenges

48 hour
Metavisionaries Hackathon